Hey, so what do I do about this?

So I have a friend, she's pretty much best friend and we get along really well. But lately I've noticed that maybe I have feelings that would make us more than friends. It's complicated. I see us as friends primarily. She knows my mom and my family and I know most of hers. We're like family and we say that. I tell her I love her and she says the same. She says I'm like family and like a sibling and it honestly doesn't bother me. I had a friend sort like this right before I met her and it did not end well. This feels different than time tho. Like I've cried because I felt so much love from her and her family. Like these are very intense feelings that I've never felt before, and I'm not sure what to do or what's happening.

I do get like sexual feelings when I like hug her and stuff or it would when she'd touch but I could also be skin hungry I don't know. I don't talk to girls often. but it's weird cuz the times that I have, whatever like sexual feelings i felt for her go right away. I don't know if i'd try to have sex with her tho. yeah I don't know. And I do like sort of jealous if she talks about other guys, I don't want anyone to talk her away from me, if that's makes sense. it's not just other guys tho, i can get pretty jealous. With my friend from before it was like i wanted to be her man, it doesn't feel like that now. sorry this is like a ramble, i'm just getting my thoughts out.

yeah if i do feel something for her, there's nothing i can really do. it would literally mess everything. i met her and i just wanted to be friends, nothing more. so this is kinda came outta nowhere. i can also ever seem to have feelings for my friends. if it's a situation that's supposed to lead to dating, i can't feel anything.

sorry again, help out if any of this made sense.
Hey, so what do I do about this?
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