Why would my aunt say that I need psychological help?

I’m very shy even around them I get a bit tense when I walk and I don’t make much eye contact but I still hug them and helped her with what she needed when she visited me, my family always tells me to make eye contact and to stop looking down. At that particular moment that she said that I believe that I was using my phone. I’ve kind of just let this comment pass through my head but now I’m thinking about it. I wish that I could tell my mom or my dad but knowing them they’ll just say that it’s my imagination and that she would never say anything like that to me I feel like this is the reason that I doubt myself because everytime I say that someone said something and I ask why they always tell me that that’s not what occurred that might secretly be the reason why I doubt everything. While they were here I didn’t even talk to them much and i just mostly gave compliments and stuff.
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Everytime I think I hear someone say something negative about me and I ask about it they deny it and it’s one of the most annoying things
Why would my aunt say that I need psychological help?
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