Can you guys help me work through these feelings?

so lately there is one thing that has been bothering me and that thing is death. more specifically, non cover related death. being on twitter and facebook a lot, I keep seeing people dying and noticing what the years that they were born are. those years keep creeping up closer and closer to the years that my parents were born. this year my parents will be turning 63 and 59 and im their first kid... im only going to be turning 23. this is one thing that bothers me because I want to be able to give my parents grand children, but I keep seeing these years that people who are dying were born in and its putting pressure on me. I know that I am not ready for kids right now, but at the same time I want my parents to be able to meet their grand children and for kids to be able to have a memory of their grand parents. I don't have any memories of my maternal grandmother (she died when I was 8 ). I can't tell you what she looked like I can only pick her out in pictures. I don't want that for my kids. I currently only have one grandparent left and I want my kids to be my age and have a grandma still like I do and have a grandpa like I used to up until 2020 took him from us. its something I think about a lot and it just causes a lot of stress I guess. any suggestions
Can you guys help me work through these feelings?
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