I feel like my feelings are invalid?

I'm bipolar. I have PTSD, and a eating disorder. I don't really know what caused the PTSD. I'm guessing it's from the three years of feeling alone and abandoned. I was getting bullied by people at school, and often by my own mom and her boyfriend. I felt unloved and that my life was out of control. One of the reasons I started dieting was to gain some control back, which led to my ED.

I still feel bad because I have all these problems. My mom and grandma were usually the ones who tell me I'm "over thinking it" and "well at least you didn't go through (insert something they went through.) They ALWAYS make it a competition and I'm just done. It's already hard enough and at this point I'm ready to give up entirely.

I'm only 14, turning 15 soon, and I was set for failure from the start. Every time I try to get better, everyone else always does something that brings me back to square one.
I feel like my feelings are invalid?
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