My father does not love me and my brother?

Im 25 and my brother is 19. We were born to different mothers and our dad never married them. He was a very charismatic and handsome man and women were all around him so he never felt the need probably to commit to just one. Anyway, he shared the same home with my brothers mom for a few years - a villa on a beach ( yeah, he has plenty of money). Anyway he is very cold, cynical and sometimes full of hate toward everything, even though he has it all: looks, money, social position.

He is some kind cold with him but we still talk about stuff and I visit him once or twice a month, but he seems to hate my younger brother just because it reminds him of his mom ( my dad ex I mean). She was an alcoholic, drug addict he met in a night club and started an affair with her while still with my mom. They were together for quite some time and then split. But he hates her now and hate my brother too.

What can I do to change things?
My father does not love me and my brother?
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