What makes someone a good parent?

So my little girl's 2nd birthday is up coming and sometimes I wonder if I'm doing the right thing and if she's progressing enough and what's normal for her age. I believe her speech development is alright she's been saying sentences (3-6 words) for awhile now and knows about 4 nursery rhymes not every word is perfect but most are there and probably about another four partly.

But I guess I feel bad that she doesn't really know anyone her age, nor is there any mum's around (well that's a part lie, but the people who I know of that are mothers are all a bit... Dopey and seem to be attention seekers always looking for handouts kind of thing, so while my step ma might mix with them I can't stand them at all).

I just worry I'm not doing enough for her and that she's too timid around strangers which is something I developed as I grew older.
What makes someone a good parent?
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