People, have you ever lost a parent?

I lost my Mom, when I was young, and my dad about five years ago, he was and old parent when they adopted me. He died of old age. My mom, died from issues with her stomach. They were in their late thirties when they adopted me. My mom had a hysterectomy in her early thirties, so that is why they adopted me. One of the things that came out of death, if I got reunited with my birthmother. Last time she saw me was when she gave birth to me. I wouldn't of meet her if my adopted mother was still alive. My adopted. father spearheaded the effect to find my birthmother. I doing that I have two half-brothers. They live in in Florida and I line in western new York stat, so I see my mother very sparenly. My adopted maternal aunt and uncle's where mad at me, for finding my birthmother, where my paternal, aunts and uncles, were happy for me.
People, have you ever lost a parent?
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