Is this one a toxic and unhealthy friend?

He is rarely helpful when honest.
He tries to provoke me against my parents in subtle ways.
On most days he only calls me because he's lonely.

I was tired after full day work at 11pm and he said to wait for him to call back till midnight because he won't be able to sleep without ongoing call.
I was tired and fell asleep because he was taking more time than he said.

Next day I called him back, his phone was busy , didn't even texted and hasn't called since then.

  • I feel used by him because he only calls frequently due to loneliness but doesn't takes my problems seriously.
  • Example : He told me I'm wasting my time by doing Bachelor's degree and on other day when I asked is masters a waste of time? He replied everything is useful.

    It's like he purposely tries to confuse me and doesn't wants to be genuinely concerned about me.

I once ghosted him when he tried to talk sexual things to me.
But then he called a few times and reached out for few months getting emotional that I'm his only friend in this world.
Is this one a toxic and unhealthy friend?
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