Honestly would you consider my friend the stupidest woman ever?

She was married to a lawyer for nearly 8 years. She fell out of love sometime in 2016 (on the 4th year) and instead of communicating, kept postponing having kids and leading him on. She was acting a leech and user by then, living the comfortable life and just being with him for his wealth. Supposedly he was boring (not exciting anymore nor adventurous) and she wanted to get out of the routine but still hold on to him, not divorce him.

Then in 2019 she started cheating and got caught by early 2020. She got dumped (was initially unremorseful and happy about cheating) and received nothing during his divorce process. Then her lover obviously kicked her out, it didn't work out with other guys either and her mother had to get a liver transplant to save her life (the person that paid for it was none other than her ex husband). She's been remorseful since, claimed to have changed for the better, doesn't care about wealth anymore and has been trying to earn his love back (even made promises about giving him a child) but he wants nothing from her.

Honestly she had it so easy. She didn't even work, cook, clean the house (they had two maids doing it all) nor even return to college to finish her Master's. She did nothing at all and was good at nothing. All she had to do is be faithful and she couldn't even do that, losing everything. Wouldn't that make her the most stupidest woman ever?
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She has gone back to finish her Master's since, works and got better with the household chores. She's currently single at the moment. Her ex husband is obviously on a relationship with someone else. The guy now has more standards and a pretty woman that's faithful but has no life skills isn't enough for him anymore.
Honestly would you consider my friend the stupidest woman ever?
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