Just saw this situation play out at iHOP, What do you all think?

So this is how it was. The wife and i were sitting at a table eating, when this older lady and who was presumably her son, and grand daughter sat down in the booth close to our table, Close meaning about 10ish feet away, and they ordered. And in walks this land whale esque (she was easily 300 to 400 pounds) woman with two children small children, She created a massive scene with the two people and the small child. It turns out that she was the little daughters mother. She stormed over to the table where they were sitting shouting "I WANT MY FUCKING DAUGHTER BACK!" he replied calmly "this is my weekend with her, we are eating breakfast, you're welcome to join us if you like" her response "I DON'T FUCKING CARE THAT'S MY DAUGHTER I DON'T CARE IF SHE IS HUNGRY SHE IS COMING WITH ME NOW YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" His mother spoke up, "We are just trying to have family breakfast, you and the rest of your kids are welcome to join, Please stop making a scene and sit down, and spend time with us." Her response was to pick her daughter's food up, throw it against the window, and shout "THERE NOW SHE IS DONE SHE FUCKING COMING WITH ME RIGHT NOW!"

So the father and his mother got up, and put her the daughter's coat on her, and told her how much they loved her, and let her go with her mother. Daughter starts crying saying she is hungry, and i heard her mom say "I dont care, you'll get nothing and like it" as they were walking away. I spoke up and offered to call the police and my lawyer, The father and his mother both declined saying it would do no good, She does this all the time, and the courts always side with her..

Someone please tell me how what this lady did was somehow acceptable Please. I am at a loss, it ruined my entire morning, i felt so sad for that kid and her father.
Just saw this situation play out at iHOP, What do you all think?
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