Would you still name your child what you want, even if it meant they were bullied for it?

Naming one's child is a big decision, as it is what you and the rest of the world will be calling the newest additive to society for the rest of their days and their continued memory allows.

Gender neutral & "gender swapping" names, I think, are adorable, and open up a whole new world of possibilities for what the child can be called. BUT you also have to take into consideration that children are cruel and the possibility of your child being bullied.

My brother, first & last name together, got him bullied something terrible because when teachers said it out loud, without a slight pause, it sounds like "Colette". Now, this was unintended on my parents part, his name was SUPPOSED to be Noah, and if anyone is familiar with the baby magazines of the time (1997-1998 when he was born) there was an article in there, after my parents decided on "Noah" that said that people should name their kid Noah. My mom was devastated and cried for a week straight because she knew she didn't want to have her son have the same name as a majority of his class. They didn't have a name for him until about two weeks before his birth, when they were flipping through the channels and heard "Cole" and they had agreed to the name then & there. He was bullied for it throughout elementary and into middle school.

I was teased for my name because I don't have a traditional spelling, everyone always mispronounces it when they first say it, doctors have taken to writing the pronunciation on the side of the paperwork. I especially got it when we started learning about geography... My name is pronounced "Asia" like the continent, but good gracious is it spelled all kinds of fucked up, and because I was the only one in my class that had a name off the map, I started getting called continents, countries, territories and cities... As an adult I get asked of that is my actual name, but I'm not bothered by it now.

Would you still name your child something that would get them bullied something fierce?
Would you still name your child what you want, even if it meant they were bullied for it?
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