My classmates hate me?

Excuse my bad English, it's not my native language.

I am a senior in highschool, a good A student and adults seem to like me a lot. I have a small group of friends that I talk to every day at school, however I hang out with a few more kids from class because we get along really well.

The problem is that the majority of my classmates (the so called popular ones) absolutely despise me. And when I say despise me, I mean they really hate me... and my friends as well. We have done nothing to them. I mean it. We barely talk in class because 1. We are very shy and introverted and 2. We're scared they are gonna make fun of us.

There are these two guys I met this year (we're taking the same classes) with whom I've never, and I repeat N E V E R, talked. We haven't even said hi once. However, they make fun of me and my friends on a daily basis, call us nerds and try to hit us with soccer balls every day. Not gonna lie, most of my classmates have the same behavior. They hate us for nothing.

Why is this happening? I am the quietest kid, I don't make fun of anyone, I don't talk sh*t behind other people's backs. I communicate with my friends only and the kids that don't hate me, so why do I have to deal with this?
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I meant a good student **
My classmates hate me?
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