Help me!! am I a good daughter?

Ima be frankly completely honest. My parents have been mistreating me since I a kid. They have been overprotective and manipulative since I can remember. I am now 17, I’m a senior. I’m about to turn 18 in April. Before I gave my life to Christ, whenever my parents hurled insults at me I’d hurl insults back at them. My parents don’t speak English at least, but they understand a little. I’d say stuff under my breath to them in English. Whenever my mom beats me up I used to try to defend my self and yelling at her to stop but she wouldn’t listen. They have told me and done all sorts of stuff. When I was in pre school my mom tried to choke me. Last year when I was a junior, I broke up with my abusive ex and he texted called both of my parents making me seem like I was the bad person. I confessed to mom that I was raped in multiple ways. She either didn’t believe because I was just trying to get attention. Or that I probably deserve it. I tried telling my dad I have been abused but he told me stop saying stupid absurd s*** and that I haven’t suffered. I can’t reach out to my parents for emotional or physical support. They have hurled a lot of insults at me, specially my mother and most of it wanted to make me cry. I have been told I’m gonna be homeless, the only way I’m gonna make money is by being a stripper, if I were to have children they would die from being all dirty, and starved to death by me, that I don’t fit in anyone’s house, that I’m the daughter they wished to never have, that I’m so f***** irresponsible, that I have no f**** anxiety or stress and that I don’t do anything. My mom has told me that 18 she hopes I leave and she’ll be happy until then. She hates I more of like my dad’s family. They say I’m ungrateful even tho I’m the only one that gives grace at the table and they look at me weird for it. I spread the gospel to them but they tell me to stop. I think my mom even told to once die or kill my self.
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They manipulate me and don’t let me take care of myself. CPS has came to my house but my parents found a way around that. Am I a good daughter?
Help me!! am I a good daughter?
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