How unrealistic was my mother?

When she used to treat my boyfriend horrible and was a hypocrite for the longest, she expected him to buy her good, expensive perfumes. She once said that would've been a way for him to win her over.

Yet my boyfriend can't think of any reason why someone he doesn't trust at all, that treated him horrible, meddled in our relationship too much in the past, badmouthed about him to others and never called him (not even once) to wish a happy b-day would deserve such a gift. He flipped the question around to an ''what has she done for me to win me over''? He considered that a waste of money for someone that deserves nothing other than a simple hi and cordial treatment but nothing more.

He believes in the saying ''you reap what you sow''. If you cultivated compassion, kindness, friendship then you get that in return. He wouldn't have minded buying a good perfume but that would've been only if he had good memories of my mother and if she had been a sweet person, very nice, cared for him and never insulted him. She done the total opposite of that. Therefore, she deserves no gifts nor special bonding from him.
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My boyfriend believes in equality and fairness... that no women deserves expensive gifts just for being a woman, esp if she treated you horrible and if that's the only way to win her over then screw her.
How unrealistic was my mother?
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