Was my mother wrong in her teachings?

I was raised by her and never had a male role model in my life. Well she passed away from cancer weeks before my HS graduation (then I moved with her sister, my aunt until finding my own apartment) but I still followed her teachings.

What was ingrained into me by her from my early years:
- Violence is the degeneration of mankind and the stronger species is guilt of creating it.
- Never ever use brutal force against someone weaker or disabled or else I'm the lowest scum
- It's good to give others a chance, they're just humans, even a narcissist can be good at heart
- You're a gentleman by heart, follow it, a girl is a flower that needs to be treated with kindness

None of her teachings worked. I got bullied at school for years until I had enough in 10th grade, ended up punching the guy after nothing was working. I tried reasoning with him, reporting it to the principal's office but my peaceful ways did nothing. I still maintained my respect for girls though but not much luck either. One of them cheated with my friend in my house while I was working. Then this last ex girlfriend ended up backslapping me during an argument. She clearly said ''I knew you wouldn't have the guts (to hurt her)'' and well I was left speechless and stunned at what just happened. We broke up afterwards and I'm single now.

Overally did my mother failed me in life with her teachings? I tried being the person she raised, the gentleman she wanted. I used to believe most people were good at hearts and that being kind gets you kindness in return. I'm not sure now. Nothing she taught me worked.
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I'm now 23 years old and shocked that even doing everything right, treating people good got me nowhere. I still ended up with crappy people. Reality turned out so differently than what she ever taught me.
Was my mother wrong in her teachings?
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