Is this a spoiled, ungrateful brat?

She's my friend's colleague. They're both in the medicine field. She feels ashamed of her mother for these reasons:
- Her mother has indigenous features with darker skin color while she's white. She calls her Caucasian and white American.
- My mother is 5'2 while she's 5'8
- She still speaks English with a thick accent. People understand her though.
- Her mother was a poor immigrant (now a citizen) selling meat patties, tacos and other Mexican foods.
- Her first jobs in the US was cleaning houses. Then eventually she worked in a supermarket.
- Just the fact that her mom is Mexican while she was born in FL

When her mother wanted to introduce herself to her close friends, she felt ashamed and either lied telling them she's the maid or made an excuse saying that they all had to leave. She's forgetting that part of her college tuition (she didn't get the full scholarship) is paid by her mother, from all the money she saved over the years. Is she spoiled?
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1 mo
Some days the lady cries in sadness that her daughter is ashamed of her.
Is this a spoiled, ungrateful brat?
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