Why does he talk to his girl 'friend' more than me? Would appreciate a male's perspective on this

My boyfriend and I are working on our 6th month this month. And I can't say it's been all smooth sailing, cause it hasn't. I have really bad jealousy issues and sometimes doubt his feelings for me. But it doesn't help when he flirts with his girl 'friends'. And he doesn't consider it flirting, but I do because they are things I think go a little too far. Even if he says he's just kidding, it hurts my feelings to see all this. So anyway,

we have a mutual friend who is bothering me inparticularly. I've known her for a couple years now but we've never been too close. My boyfriend met her this year at school and they've gotten really close. She met him before I did, but with that said, sometimes I Feel like he wishes he had her. She's really really pretty, and funny, and just perfect. They text alot, they skype here and there. And last night while my boyfriend went MIA for a few hours, turns out they were skyping! What gets me the most is how much they talk on Facebook. She's all over his walls saying rude things but you know it's all in good fun because he says the same things back and they laugh about it and just joke around.

She's having a pool party coming up, and she told him about it before me. I think the only reason she invited me is cause she knew I'd want to go if he was. he's so hyped about this party, but I promised a friend I'd be at her graduation party and I plan on doing that. The thing is, I am NOT okay with him going to this pool party without me. Lots of girls in bikinis, his friends saying they'll keep stuff secret, I just don't know.

Am I Selfish for not wanting him to go? Do you think it's OK that I tell him that? What if he does go anyway? And about the girl, what am I supposed to do? When I talk to him about it, he says he doesn't like her and that's the end of it. Like I'm just supposed to suck it up or something. But he talks to her more than me and it seems like he's bored with me yknow? I just don't know what to do. I have a lot of feelings for this boy and I want to make it work.


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  • He's not ready for a commitment.

    • what makes you say that?

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    • Have you been together enough for him to want space?

    • We hangout every weekend, and we text on and off all day. But he also does this with his friends and it doesn't seem to be a problem..

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