Can crazy, meddling (toxic) mothers destroy relationships and marriages?

I've heard of several horror stories of meddling mothers that ended up destroying their child's relationship/marriage. It got to the point of causing break-ups, separations and/or divorces.

I heard about a mother taking her then 20 year-old daughter to their homecountry (the girl didn't want to go), meddling in her relationship so much, gossiping terrible things about the guy to others, lying to him about her being at a party to make him jealous, plotting schemes, etc. She practically controled her daughter's decisions and relationship. Now the woman is in her 30's, still in her homecountry with no future, unmarried and childless. She never fell in love with anyone else. The guy didn't have enough money to work on her case of bringing her back. Plus, he doesn't want to deal with the drama it caused just to be in that relationship. They went their separate ways but remained friends.

I know they say love conquers all but toxic MILS ruin things too? When you marry your partner, you're marrying the whole family too.
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1 y
The woman now blames her mother for ruining her future and the life she could've had. The guy blames it both on the mother and his ex girlfriend for having no balls to stand up to her mother and defend the relationship, defend him.
Can crazy, meddling (toxic) mothers destroy relationships and marriages?
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