Why do you delete/unfollow friends?

I’m not really active on Facebook, I only use Messenger but I have around 5000 friends added, most of them I don’t even know.

I never put myself in a spotlight as I don’t post anything, don’t like anyone’s posts. For the most part I only chat with my close friends.

Today I decided to post a fabulous photo of myself in a new outfit as I was feeling myself. To be precise, It is a good photo, as I’ve gotten several reactions from men, and many also reached out to me flirting.

So it’s not that I look bad at all, but I’ve noticed a group of people have removed me and I’m not sure why (ego issues lol).

Do you ever remove strangers just cause you happen to realise you don’t even know them or is there any other reason, if so what?
Why do you delete/unfollow friends?
Why do you delete/unfollow friends?
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