Why does my mother treat me this way?

I believe my mom has a problem with me. Instead of saying what it is I get digs and put downs every time I see her. She will say things like why can’t you be like your sister she’s got a degree. Comparing my life to hers. She will praise my sister often but I feel it’s for a reaction.
She constantly talks about people’s lives. Anything I tell her she tells everyone my business so I don’t tell her a damn thing anymore. My sibling is just as bad as she has now become another version of her.
At a family event my moms birthday this past weekend she purposely showed him an old video of me to humiliate me in front of a room of people.
She then played her funeral song , made me cry then ran outside to let everyone else know she made me cry. My boyfriend was out there and came in to see if I was ok.
She tries to influence how other people see me. It’s like because I don’t live with her and she can’t control me she wants people to think bad of me.
She told my brothers fiancé to not invite me to her meal then bragged about how nice it was. I feel she intends to isolate me as if that would make me want to go home after moving out 5 years ago.
She still calls the spare room mine when I see her and still talks about old times like a broken record. She’s been mean to my boyfriend and about him saying I need to be on my own. I didn’t listen and then she changed her tune saying she can’t tell me what to do but we’ll ofcourse she can’t? I find her so bizarre. She says her husband makes her feel fed up as he’s boring and doesn’t do anything special for her. she says she can’t talk to him he’s ignorant so she uses my sister as a crutch and me as a piñata to batter her problems out on. Does anyone feel this is narcissism?
Why does my mother treat me this way?
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