Do think this is an entitled mother full of garbage?

Do you think this girl's mother is an entitled woman asking for too much? Please read.

I'm just an observant (a family friend). The girl was dating her boyfriend for 4 months. All was great until the lady excluded him on a family event and got involved in the relationship too much. The lady even speaks for her daughter on conversations, interrupts on the table too.

The guy reacted like anyone would've: reducing his visits, distancing from the relationship, hardly going out on dates and spending more time on work, with friends and elsewhere... away from drama, the meddling mother and his pushover girlfriend.

The girl's b-day was last month and the lady argued with the guy badly. She literally insulted him (making him cry in anger) because he came with no gift. He came with nothing because the lady ruined the surprise date. He was gonna take her on a restaurant. The lady literally told him what to get for his daughter and organized the b-day herself. The girl said nothing, stood there, didn't defend him.

When the guy claimed he was gonna surprise her on her b-day, she thought it would be with a damn engagement ring. LOL
- The relationship went south ever since the mother meddled
- The guy's girlfriend is a total pushover; she's already 20 years old
- The girl doesn't want kids nor a family
- The girl hasn't really been doing anything for the guy besides having sex.
- Just because she lost her virginity to him, doesn't mean he has to marry her, esp if she's not contributing anything and he has more to lose.
- I heard the girl once told him ''I'll abort the thing if you ever get me pregnant''. She referred to an unborn baby as a thing.
- The girl doesn't even know how to make basic meals, balance a checkbook, take care of herself, act like an adult, etc.

With all those negative points, the drama and everything else... the lady really thinks her daugher deserved a ring on her finger.
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Do think this is an entitled mother full of garbage?
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