Could you forgive your best friend for murder?

be sure to read before answering because she was found dead this morning

In the past 72 hours we have had over four murders here and 2 suicides. Apparently there was a group chat going around including women playing games with men. They would use men to make their child father jealous, set up married men to be murdered for life insurance money, and tried to have gang members doing their dirty business for them out here. There is this girl who have 2 kids with one just graduating high school. We will call her (Erica). She set her best friend kids up to be murdered just a few years ago. Both boys were gunned down. It’s never Erica that’s doing anything and always someone else, according to her. People literally watched the next set up take place on (Erica) social media. (Erica) set her Facebook page up to where her social media posts only reads “praying for you cousin”, praying for you just days ago. Just yesterday an innocent mom and her son both were murdered in a house after a set up took place. This young lady is also the cousin of the relative Erica set up previously before and kids were killed.

Not even 3 weeks ago, this (Erica) tried to use her young boyfriend to shoot up someone house, but he shot the other direction instead. For the past weeks, (Erica) and her sisters been trying to set people up. All leads back to (Erica) and as usual it’s never her. The gang members walked into (Erica) house this morning killing her, her oldest sister, youngest sister, her two boys, killed her mom, and two other women who were involved.

Erica like using people for her own set up
and gain out of jealousy. Erica has been playing innocent while setting the innocent up. Not even a week ago, she bullied someone and used them as a cover up to have her kids at school driving a little boy to kill himself. Erica has been jealous over a man not marrying her but instead someone else.

Erica and her family was found this morning dead. Everyone around her were losing their kids
Could you forgive your best friend for murder?
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