I can't help it?

Wondering if people can relate...

I just kind of do, whatever I'm told.
It seems to irritate those around me and I can't help it.

Example from last night:

Some guys were talking to me in a club + blanked my friend, as they didn't like her look.
They also kind of weren't keen on her not being white.
... I can't control their behaviours, so it isn't really an issue to do with me.

I was having fun and flirting in general (why not, lol), and individually gave all 3 my number.
They later invited me to another club and refused my friend entry, when she arrived after me.
I just repeated what they said, and she stormed off (?).
She confronted me today, and I feel super controlled and that she is OTT.
So what if I'm dating and having fun with all of them? The night before, I went on a date and other guys were simultaneously talking to me.
I exchanged numbers with them, at their request. The guy said he wasn't interested in me anymore today , cos of the above.
I can't help all of this help all of this, and don't understand these people's reactions.
They are not angels themselves.
Why do others have such high expectations of me?
1 mo
Another example : one of the 3 guys from last night told me to switch my phone off , as he was irritated when my friend came to the 2nd club he invited me to. So I did switch it off for 2 hours, as he told me to. She was pissed cos she was waiting outside for two hours , and then got rejected , but I don’t get the issue. She is no angel anyway...
I can't help it?
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