Why do people keep assuming I’m mean?

I’ve always heard comments from other people saying I always look mean, angry, pissed etc. but that’s just how my resting facial expression is. I also seem to attract the type of people who literally do/say dumb stuff to try getting a reaction out of me.

Why can’t people just leave me alone? I mind my business, and I’m respectful. It’s also tiring hearing people tell me that I need to smile. I don’t owe anyone a smile. I’m just trying to live my life but unfortunately my appearance trigger people when it shouldn’t. Nobody should have the right to tell someone how they should feel/look.

I think it’s selfish telling someone that cause you don’t know what that person could be going through. But some people think just because they’re happy you should be too and that’s not right in certain cases.

But even when I am happy or feel neutral I smile when I want to because it’s genuine. But that’s just the way my eyebrows are made up and I shouldn’t have to feel pressured to please people if I’m not bothering anyone.
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Or I don't know, I also think if people want others to smile so bad, a compliment wouldn’t hurt instead of being rude and pure ignorant about it. It would be weird seeing someone walking around with a huge grin on their face for no reason. Then it would creep people out, lol.
Why do people keep assuming I’m mean?
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