Please help me, I don’t know what to do. stuck in a stressful environment?

It’s not bad in the sense you think.
I want to say firstly, she doesn’t make me pay bills (yes I offered), which I am thankful for. I appreciate it so very much.

But I’m staying with my sisters mom.
They have a dog that is so hyper, and a cat who would keep me up all night. I have to be at 4am in the morning.
I’m sleeping in the living room so every morning on a school day I’m woken up by loudness everytime I have an off day, or if I go in later.

Now my sisters mom car broke down again. Her job is 25 mins away. I WAS THE VERY LAST PERSON TO FIND OUT AS WELL. Everyone knew BUT ME. It wasn’t until my sister told me!

I start my new job tomorrow, and my sister needs a ride home from cheer practice. I have zero idea how long they’ll keep me for because it’s my first day and I’m feeling so utterly stressed because oh top of that her mom wants me to also pick her up from work and take her to the game as well. Which again I wouldn’t have a problem with but I HAVE ZERO IDEA when they’ll let me go home.

This is the second time her car broke down, the first time I let her borrow my car because I was overseas! She didn’t even fill up my tank even half way, smoked cigs in my car, and left trash in there. So no, I don’t want to just hand my car over to her to use!

Plus my job is a 20 minute walk! So even if I did give it to her, I would have to start walking at least by 4:15am in the morning to get to work at a decent time! Then walk BACK home after a 9 hour shift.

I have already missed so many extra hours at my old job because she needed something. I wanted to pick up extra shifts at work but no, because she needed my help in some way.

My apt. won’t be ready until the end of next month. I just want to live in my car until then. I just want to get a gym card to shower and park where my job is…but I literally feel obligated to stay! I feel so tired, and so stressed. I can’t even eat, I’m losing so much weight from this.
Please help me, I don’t know what to do. stuck in a stressful environment?
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