Was this spiteful of my stister to do?

A few months back I was clearing out some clothes to give to the charity shop my boyfriends family run. There charity us for learning disabled adults and is very close to the hearts as my boyfriends uncle is down syndrome.

Before I donate anything I let my two older sisters look through my bags of clothes to see if there's anything they'd like. I've been getting kinda fed up of as they ask to look through the bags and then leave them there for mouths without looking at them.

I'm moving out this weekend to live with my boyfriend and I have two massive bags of clothes to donate to my boyfriends families charity shop. I asked my oldest stister what she had done with the last bag I gave her.

She told she got sick of it lying around 4 months so she decided to donate it to another charity instead of just telling me she had looked through it. Surly it would have taken her longer to take it out the house and make the trip to a charity bin to get rid of it then just saying "hey Alice I've looked through that bag now you can give it to your boyfriend now for donation" . When I ask her why did she do that she says she was sick of it being there for months on end and my reply is "whose fault is that". I said why didn't you just tell me you looked through it and she can't answer and gets nasty and personal and starts screaming because she can't actually give me a answer to why she did that.

She says it was still going to charity and I get that but it wasn't her stuff to decide what charity it went to and I'm trying to support my boyfriends families charity shop a local charity were you know we're the money from donations are going.

The rest of my family think it's a little off but she did that and think it's because she's jealous but me and my boyfriend are so happy and her relationship with her boyfriend is so dysfunctional so she did it out of spite.

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I know it sounds like nothing but now I do not trust her with my two other bags of donations because I don't want her to do it again and I've already been waiting for 3 weeks for her to look through it. Some things in bags are beautiful and very expensive but no longer fit me or I just don't have anywhere to wear it and it be a real shame to see them go
Was this spiteful of my stister to do?
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