My father is obsessed with controlling me?

My mom passed away and ever since it was just me, my brother, and my dad. I guess my fathered felt the burden of our responsibility and I understand that. But today i am 22 years old he still controls and protects me. I admit i made some wrong decisions and every time i am in trouble he picks me up before i fall, and in fact he knows i am falling before i know it. He is a perfect father and he does more than he has to. But i should have the opportunity to take my adventures alone and fall and stand by myself. I am starting to feel heavily dependent on him. He bought me my car, a house, and everything he pampers me and treats me like a princess but in return i have no experience at all... i am not sure i am able to express myself. My brother has a lot more freedom than myself and honestly i have a sensitive character and i get hurt easily maybe that is the reason he watches out for me. My brother cares for me too and I appreciate both but i feel dependant.
My father is obsessed with controlling me?
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