Do you ban your kids from hearing the words gay, bisexual, lesbian or queer?

My stepdad is so cruel to his son's environment that even some of his conservative peers can't stand him. My halfbrother is neither gay nor bisexual, but his father tends to act highly offended whenever the word "gay," "bisexual," or "queer" is audible in the video in a non-derogatory way. My brother is allowed to watch videos on YouTube and TikTok, but he gets reprimanded if he doesn't change the channel if he accidentally watches a video that contains those words or any swear words.

This is so freaking odd because my stepdad at least tolerates my mom's gay black friend. He was even on our HBO accounts list. If so, why does my stepdad continue to be homophobic? Even my mom said DaBaby was "homophobic" while at the dinner table, and my stepdad said that DaBaby was ignorant about how gay people go through. But ever since a while later on vacation when he heard "bisexual" on a TikTok, my stepdad told my brother to change the video.

My stepdad is racist too (but he denied it every time I called him out; I no longer call him out because I don't want to get disowned or anything), loves to make fun of poor black and brown people's struggles and uses the N-word with a hard er, which is why my brother says it a lot. They both call black people monkeys and thugs and gang members, and they also really freaking hate Asians more than anyone. Asians (especially the Chinese) are their worst enemy, 10,000x worse than Blacks. My Armenian stepdad at least tolerates Black people and their opinions, but he doesn't like to get close to a Chinese person.

My stepdad grew up in a really rich household to be honest, but he got sued and bankrupt from his first business when he was discriminating against people of color. His personality is identical to, or worse than, that of Donald Trump's. His countless number of lawsuits have made him and his family broke. He let his own dad die in 2001 without even fundraisers. And he pretends he never disrespected his family. Kiss my ass.
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There is literally nothing in the Bible against gay people. There's a couple verses where it states women must be silent in church, but it states nothing against gay people. The verse implies man must not sleep with boy, not gay couples are evil. We're all born sinners, but my stepdad refuses to acknowledge that. He thinks Jesus never made mistakes. We're not even living in the South, we live near Los Angeles.
Do you ban your kids from hearing the words gay, bisexual, lesbian or queer?
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