I dont know what to do, should I give it to her?

I'm disabled, I've had seizures/ anxiety/ depression ever since i was 13 that started from complex trauma or i guess PTSD that qualified me for ssi and my dad died and i got surviors benefits as well, i also get food stamps I'm 24 and just got rights over my benefits because my mom needed it, and i didn't even know i could get them, my mom lied when i was 17 and said i could never get the rights over them because I'm too disabled. So once i got them i moved out with a roommate, and she found out she had cancer so i came back to help take care of her because she begged me. Im leaving In a few days and she asked for my foodstamp card. I asked her what would she get, she got mad and started snapping on me. I tried to tell her this is all i would have for the month for food at my house, what are you getting? She said i could spend it all but i would pay you back in money. Im like wouldn't it be easier for me to just have the stamps then to make you give me the money? Then she stormed out. Then my older brother mad me feel worse saying i should have just gave her the card. I said this is all i would have, he said my roommate would give me something to eat. I said no she wouldn't we are both students we don't have the money to spare to be buying eachother SHIT. And i got really bad anxiety and cried and vomited, what should i do?
I dont know what to do, should I give it to her?
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