Are you the parent instead of the child?

So my mom and I live together and we try to split the bills 50/50. I’m an adult so I have no issue with that plus living alone is more costly since the cost of housing has sky rocketed. My mom and I’s new rent amount is $1095 a month. I left one job because I got another (which pays more). But I was off for 3 weeks before I started my new one. My mom basically kept reminding me that the new rent amount needs to be payed starting November, she kept asking when do I start my new job. It even came to the point where she was like well if you don’t hear anything back from that job do you have a plan b. Mind you it became annoying because I never leave her to pay all the bills by herself. It wasn’t like I didn’t have a job at all🙄🙄.

Here’s the kicker... she quit her job. So guess who has to pay ALL of the bills alone again and the new rent amount? Me. Might I add she has been through more than 6 jobs this year alone but before that I was paying the bills alone for 2yrs while going to college, but I had to quit school because we needed money...

I just isn’t fair because I’m not making her feel bad for not working right now but she made me feel like I was sitting on my ass every day while I was home for 3weeks. But I still cooked and cleaned the house top to bottom no questions asked.

do you guess see my dilemma... what should I do?
Are you the parent instead of the child?
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