Is my mom gas lighting me?

Whenever I try to talk to my mom about the bad ways my uncle treated me when I was staying with him she consistently tells me that didn’t happen/that couldn’t have happen. Or accuses me of lying even though I remember what happened clearly.

She even tried to force me to stay with him again after we got in a small argument, even though I told her his house is dirty, it has a bunch of roaches, and his house is rarely ever clean.

She stopped talking to him after a argument she had with him but still continues to talk to his wife (I dislike his wife because she let him get away with a lot of the bad stuff he did). She also refuses to even acknowledge still how he treated me bad and my older cousin treated me bad as well (which she saw since it happened in front of her)?
Is my mom gas lighting me?
Is my mom gas lighting me?
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