Let me know your opinion regarding my scenario pls everyone says I am wrong here?

My uncle's wife for some reason approaches my friends behind my back and she flirts with them and keeps them under her clutch, these friends of mine whom were once close to me fall for her charming lies and then they estrange me, this makes me feel alone and sad have no friends at all? Upon confrontation she tells me I need to get married and have a wife? Also forces my other relatives to get me married forcibly? Who the hell is she to control my life with others help? Also she recently got me demoted me in my work place, and is in touch with my colleagues behind my back and asks them about me or takes advice from them about me? I tired confronting her once, but she is like "you're delusional it's not like as it seems" If that's really not the case then how come I am losing friends? Now I have no one with me even my parents feel ashamed to call me as their son due to her actions and behaviour. My other relatives on the other hand tell me, I am making false claims on her and one of my other aunt told me that I want to sleep with het that's the reason I am pushing blame on her, my concern is every new friend I make she is stealing them from me and to know about my whereabouts, she once ripped her own clothes and pushed a false rape charges on me which by the way got proved that she was doing this to protect her illicit affair with one of rival. I am worried she isn't letting me be happy. She also once told me what's wrong if your friends flirt with me, don't I have to make friends? And she also spies on me on social media and she constantly monitors my reddit account.
Let me know your opinion regarding my scenario pls everyone says I am wrong here?
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