What should he do?

My son said today his aquaintenance was abusing him while he was at college when he was around 18 to 19. They knew each other since school and the guy was always an ass. My son was alone and feminine back in middle school and he bullied him a lot, got people against him etc. He told my son he had to obey him at college or he would tell everyone he is gay and he will get bullied again. My son is lot weaker so he couldn't do anything.

In order to keep it a secret, my son sucked him off regularly for 4 months until that guy got bored of it and left him alone. He also had to do small tasks for him like buy him drinks etc and endure everything he wanted.

I know the guys mom but my son is 24 now and I don't know why he didn't tell me about it till now. I didn't know this guy was such a cunt.

What do you think about it?
What should he do?
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