Is it normal for a 35 year old man to be best friends with a 23 year old girl?

I started a my new job around a month ago. I was so lonely to begin with and was making no friends as it's such a big company in a new town for me and knew no one it was a bit scary.

A week later after I finished my training they bought in the next training group. One of the trainer's came to check on me to see how I was doing whilst he was training this new guy.

The next week he began on the same shift as me. I saw him struggling and under a lot of pressure. Felt sorry for him as I knew exactly how he felt and us newbies gotta look out for one another. Instead of focusing on my work I helped him out alway the way through the job and kinda took him under my wing that day. We worked really well as a team and he seemed really grateful for my help. Later on that day I saw him eating by himself and I told him to come sit with. We talk about little and ever since that we became really good friends. I originally thought he was around the same age as my boyfriend but after getting to known each other he told me he was 35 not late 20s like I assumed. He had moved down from London after losing his high earning job due to covid and went back to live with his parents and start all over again and went back to his old job before moving to London. I told him I had a similar situation as I was starting over again due to covid too and losing my career too. I asked him if he speaks to any of the other young woman at the company and he said no and but I was the first real friend he'd made at the company. I thought that was really sweet as I try my best to be kind to people as much as I hate the general public He's always hanging around with me and protecting me from the creeps at work. It's always like he's took me under his wing now. He was give me a big warm welcome when we see each other. Some people think it's funny as it's kinda a unlikely friendship we've formed.
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He even gets all excited when we get to work with each other and is always trying to look out for me and do nice stuff for me.

I see him like a big brother. He's a really nice guy and I don't think he's a creep at all just wondered if it seems strange to others as others have made jokes about are friendship.
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I think it's just a really good friendship. But sometimes I've noticed he talks to me and treats like a little kid. People do tend to treat me like a baby as I'm very cute apparently. I'm only 5ft and have a baby face and some of the creeps at work try to pick me up and tickle and such and laugh at how small I am
Is it normal for a 35 year old man to be best friends with a 23 year old girl?
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