Was I in the wrong here be honest?

my auntie pointed and shouts in my face for no reason I told her that’s disrespectful don’t do that to me she said “what are you going to do about it” I told her nothing but I didn’t like being disrespected. She said it wasn’t disrespectful to get in my face and point and shout at me for NO reason. I told her I didn’t disrespect her so please don’t disrespect me, she asked me again what will I do about it, i again said nothing. She then claims I’m “weird” for finding that disrespectful and how it’s not. I did it to her back, I got in her face and pointed them she immediately jumps out of her chair, shouting at me face turning red and face pace walks toward me angry. I told her well you didn’t like it did you? And my mother is blaming the entire thing on me and asked me to leave the situation

this argument started because I told her it hurts how I was hit as a child by my parents but they deny it. My mom admitted it now, in front of her and my auntie tried to tell me I made it up in my head (Not true) and very toxic as I was mentally abused by other family members that they know of who tried to tell me i made the abuse up in my head but in the end it all gotten proven
Was I in the wrong here be honest?
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