Am I rude for not wanting to hang out with my abusive family?

I recently told my mom I wanted to hang out with one of my aunts and she said that was ok but she was worried if the family on my stepdads side would get jealous since we haven’t been around them in a long time.

She said we should hang at their house for just a little while and I said yes at first but changed my mind after I remembered the way they treated me the last time I was around them. My mom and I had gotten into a fight (wasn’t even that big of a fight, just a small one) so I guess she called them to our place to help her (which in reality just meant she wanted them to take me out of her house)

The argument was over my uncle because I felt uncomfortable with her speaking to him because he treated me poorly when I lived with them previously but instead she went and told him everything I told her even though I explicitly asked her not to tell him.

So once they went to my apartment (my uncle, aunt, and 3 older cousins)

My uncle just started yelling at me and he even cornered me. I tried to push him to get away cause he literally wouldn’t physically allow me to leave, but my stupid aunt said she was going to call the police on me for assaulting her husband? Wtf I was the victim in this situation, what a stupid hypocrite.

After that I tried to lock myself in the bathroom so I could get away from them but ofc they blocked me from doing that too. (They were harassing me essentially) and so I started to cry out of frustration and my uncle pinned me down for no reason. And my retarded ass cousin was making fun of me and saying I didn’t have depression and I don’t know what I’m talking about even though I literally got a psychologist to diagnose me but ofc this 19 year old lazy ass drug addict highschool drop out ass bitch knows better than an actual smart person.

This is why I don’t want to go. Every time I explain this to my mom she acts like it never happened.. I’m so tired of it.
Am I rude for not wanting to hang out with my abusive family?
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I don’t mean to make fun of drug addiction or his home drop outs though. I’m just referring to my cousin cause she’s a hypocrite since she was talking about how I’m lazy on purpose and not because of struggling with depression and anxiety. She herself is 19, does drugs, and does nothing with her life yet had the nerve to point fingers at me when at least I have an excuse and I’m still in highschool unlike her
Am I rude for not wanting to hang out with my abusive family?
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