Should I mention my cousin, his friend 's mom send him greetings?

Even if my cousin and the mother does not keep in touch or communicate at all anymore. There is the thing. My male cousin lost his BFF one year and a half ago, he died at 47yrs. and were friends with him for about 28 years!! Imagine how tragic for my cousin to have lost his buddy, his pal, his travel partner a friend that could never ever can be replaced with another friend for my cousin.

Anyway I was attracted to this guy who died and we had sex twice, we never were a couple or even dating like a couple or much less in a relationship. He even had other ladies he liked to pursue, I found out about that after he died anyway, but I always suspect he may have anotehr ladies he was really dating but he never dated me seriously. My cousin always liked to tease me about his friend, Im sure my cousin and his sister knew I liked and was attracted to the guy. My brother even knew the guy for many years. The guy was like a part of the family.

Anyway after this guy died and for me was the most terrible and saddest news I have ever gotten. I came in a somewhat close relationship with the guys mother. In life, the guy never introduced me to his parents at all or even talked to me about them, maybe because since we were not a serious thing, he did not have to tell me details of his family and also he was private and reserved in his stuff. The guys mother never knew of my existence, she knew about me after her son died and I sent her and her husband a sympathy bouquet days after the guy died as she received them and wanted to know who was the lady who sent them the arrangement. So I met the mother in person 5 months after the guy died, as we arranged for a meeting weeks before. The mother liked me a lot and she had wished I would had been her son girlfriend at some point, she found me a attractive lady and a nice lady as well.

I guess she needed a woman to be friends with her as she did not have any woman friends for support those terrible days after the guy died.
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So after our first meeting we had seen in person two more times for coffee, along side another lady friend who the guy knew for about 20 years, but this lady friend I became friends with is married, and it is not one of the ladies the guy dated while he liked to be with me. Anyway, the mother told me is resentful of the fact my cousin after the guy died, never again has kept in touch with her or even give her a call to say Hello or to ask how is she or her husband is doing. I believe my cousin
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I believe my cousin simply cut ties with her family after the guy died, he did not have any reason to remain in touch , even if the mother knew my cousin for many many years. So now the mother had told me to send her greetings to my cousin and that she always remembers him but I had never told my cousin anything, cause my cousin does not have any contact with them anymore, . But I also I have not told my cousin about the greetings cause he is not even aware im in touch with the mom occasionally.
Should I mention my cousin, his friend 's mom send him greetings?
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