Is this a valid excuse to turn down a friend invitation for a get together?

I was supposed to get together with a "so called " friend that I had not seen in more than 5 months due to pandemic and other stuff, also because she lives far away she barely comes into my area, even if she has a house in my area but she lives somewhere else. So for this end of the year al this week she was going to spend the week here close to my area where she also has a house, so taking taht opportunity last week I suggested her to meet and she agrees. She is a bit stingy so she did not like much the city where I suggested to meet as she said she knows the area I chose is expensive so I told her "no problem I choose anotehr place", then one day after she told me by joking"It is ok lets go to taht place I won't become poorer for one time". So then she could meet me yesterday or today. Yesterday she told me she could not cause she had a vet appotintment for her dog at 4pm, because the dog had an allergy so she had to take the dog to the clinic, as the vet did not have space in the morning just afternoon. So she said , lets meet tomorrow (today). Very early in the morning she texted me and said "Things got complicated, the vet yesterday told me Max, needs a dental cleaning so I had to take him today in the morning to the vet but I had to leave him at the clinic and today afternoon they call me to tell me at what time I have to pick him up but they did not tell me the exact hour"

That was the reason we could not meet today as we planned yesterday nd for some days, due to her dog. Noone could pick him up instead of her, she told me. because her son was out of the house vacationing and there was no other person who could pick up the dog, just her", not even the partner she lives with cause her partner was not in the same area she was today.

So I could not meet her today and tomorrow is impossible cause it is Dec 31st and hectic day and she told me Dec 31st she could not, the reason taht only today or yesterday of this
22 d
week she could, taht is what she told me when we first talk about meeting each other this week. She did not even apologize or tell me sorry for not being able to meet me when she gave me the reason or excuse for not been able to meet up with me today, her priority was her dog is what it looks like.
Is this a valid excuse to turn down a friend invitation for a get together?
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