Why is someone you hate talked more than someone you like?

My mother used to hate my ex boyfriend and openly expressed her disapproval to others. There was the time he became the main topic. She wouldn't stop badmouthing/gossiping about him. Even after I've already ditched him myself, she was still muttering ''that scumbag, SOB''.

I'm comparing to my new relationship, my mother (and father) like the guy. She has mentioned positive qualities about him to my grandma and a couple others in the family but isn't overly as expressive as when she hates someone. She talks about him but not at the same rate as she badmouthed my ex boyfriend nonstoppable.

Why is someone you dislike/hate get more attention and is talked more than someone you like?
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Yes my ex boyfriend was indeed a scumbag. He was exactly everything horrible my mother thought about him. Still... he was given so much attention in comparing to my new boyfriend.

I've noticed that in her. When she adores or likes someone, she doesn't talk about them to everyone nor too much. When she hates someone, she'll talk bad about them forever.
Why is someone you hate talked more than someone you like?
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