Can adrenaline also make you beat someone larger and stronger than you?

It's been exactly 3 years since beating the guy that beat up my best friend in a fight. He used his skills to beat and bully others.

This is the irony that I can't explain:
Both him and my friend are 6'2 and are slightly more trained than me. Though I've been told I'm good too. My friend was always the more assertive, strong and somewhat popular. Yet he still beat my friend. His bully lost to me and I'm just 5'9 and about 50 Ibs lighter. I've always been the quieter, more reserved guy.

My friend and 2 others had to literally restrain me and stop me from overdoing it. The guy was already on the ground. Prior to that; he literally said ''Your sister, her gift, what the heck. Yes I took it, popped it''. My sister has been depressed, her school grades dropped and started overeating for weeks. She wouldn't tell us who was the bastard that did it. She shut down right before our eyes. Anger took over, both for what he did to my friend and my sister.

Even though I also had training, I still can't explain who I was possible to beat someone larger, stronger and heavier than me. I usually avoid fights and wasn't a very assertive guy. Thats someone I used to be scared of, that I didn't want to mess with. All of the sudden, I beat him badly. Was that adrenaline partially taking over?
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I was already upset enough to fight him but then suddenly when he added what he did to my sister, something took over me. It's as if I was a lot more eager to destroy him.
Can adrenaline also make you beat someone larger and stronger than you?
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