Fueling Gossipers (Ignore or Clap Back)?

I recently had a falling out with a couple of friends and it got pretty messy (particularly as it was over text). I replied the best I could at the time as I was very distressed and had begun to blame myself for all that had happened. Now, I am a lot more secure in my feelings and can plainly see that I was not the only party at fault. These individuals ganged up on me and have since sent me some spiteful messages which I recently accessed in my archived chats. It has been hard knowing that have been talking mad crap to each other about me ever since. A part of me wants to reply and defend/ stand up for myself while the other knows that this will just fuel more animosity and gossip. Should I take the high road and ignore or clap back?
Fueling Gossipers (Ignore or Clap Back)?
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