How do you overcome depression with big life changes?

I feel like I'm being thrown everywhere and trying to hold on and about to let go of everything. A year ago I got kicked out from my parents house over a small argument I had nothing to do with and had to find a place to live. It was difficult learning to live with roommates and felt sad without my cats and didn't have anyone to talk to. About about 6-7 months ago I finally started feeling at home and felt comfortable around roommates and even talking to them everyday. Its very hard for me since I have social anxiety and im an extrovert. Now I may have to look for another place because the landlord is thinking of selling the house. I feel sad because we became good friends which I never imagined since I used to be locked in my room forever and he would encourage me to go out. There's also other things affecting me such as my dad who has cancer and he keeps saying "whats the point of living". Then my sister is getting a divorce when she has been married for 30 years. So I feel everything lately has been putting me down and its hard for me to even fake a smile now. I feel people can notice in my eyes
How do you overcome depression with big life changes?
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