No contact with family I’m at this point?

My family is extremely toxic sister, grandma, and mom. Currently I’m living around them due to COVID. I thought my family changed or got better they’ve gotten worse upon living with them. Right now , my own mother is trying to blackmail me and she’s on a smear campaign.. I have to much to lose with my business. Yesterday , my trademark just got approved. My mother has put me out there as the villain and she plays victim. I’m moving next week and my family doesn’t know that it will be the last time they see me. I want no chance of rekindling with any of them, visiting any events, or funeral services. I’m trying to process this no contact with them and for my children.. it’s so bad my 15 year old niece was on her way to jail for hitting my 4 year old son twice. So this dysfunction and abuse is being accepted with my nieces and nephews.. my own mother has wished death on me and resents me.. I avoid her.

How to go no contact with family? My whole family is toxic and I don’t want rekindling with them. My mother and grandmother will lose access to their grandchildren. I know they will stalk and harass me upon moving.. has anyone dealt with this before?
No contact with family I’m at this point?
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