Was I in the WRONG?

My sister and I got in a text argument last night. And I was so mad at her, a incident happened and I don't wanna talk about it.
She told me to "go back to your only fans, Josh saw it" Josh is my nephew, he is 13.

I found out he came up without my permission to my room and went on my computer without even asking me and found my onlyfans page up. I am sure he saw my photos on there. I am ashamed of having an only fans, i deleted it not too long after because I wanted to stop. but for her to throw it in my face and say that like I was some sort of VILLAIN pissed me off. She told me I was leeching off my mom and using my mom. When in reality she comes over she's 42 and stays months on end. Doesn't help clean, doesn't pay anything and uses the most utilities of the house.

Am I crazy or is she just nuts?
23 d
I want to apologize to him for finding my content but I wanna talk to him to ask before he goes into my room and use my stuff. I am 24, this is crazy.
Was I in the WRONG?
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