Why is my mom always making sure that I eat?

Honestly as a teenager, I don’t like eating at all. I struggle with body image and some days it can be rough. I don’t eat a whole lot. But I know when my body is hungry and I know to give myself food, I just eat twice a day and I don’t eat a whole lot but I pay attention to when I need to eat. I’m never starving. However, my mom is always like “make sure you’re eating enough” and it truly pisses me off because she says it each and every day. She made chicken and rice a few nights back and I took 2 pieces of chicken and a small bit of rice. Then she was like “take more than that that’s not enough” she always tells me I don’t eat enough. I’m 5’7 and 120 pounds. Like, I’m healthy. Tonight I made some soup for myself and she’s like “oh soup is light make sure you have more than that” which resulted in me getting angry with her. I just got so mad, I said “I’m 17. I’m old enough to know when im hungry and I can take care of myself.” She just scoffed and brushed it off. And she tells me i don’t eat enough. She said “what have you eaten today?” So I told her, I had some cereal, a pizza pop earlier, and now im making soup. And she just said “that’s not enough” and it truly just pisses me off and upsets me. I already struggle to eat at all. Honestly this truly just makes me want to not eat at all. It’s so annoying. I told her that it’s annoying but she didn’t really care cause she just said “you need to eat enough” I AM. It’s so annoying.
Why is my mom always making sure that I eat?
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