My boyfriend thinks I cheated on him but I didn't, advice?

So last night is our night away from each other we spend everyday together except Saturday's well I texted him gn around 12 and he never answered back so I couldn't sleep and around 430 am I left my apt to see if he was home - OK I have major trust issues and I've been like this because of the relationship w my sons father - so guess what he calls me at 44o and he's like where you at and I'm like at home - lie and he goes well where's your car and I'm like ugh and I told him the truth I said I'm at your house to see if you were here and he goes oh so your w my friend ( his roomate but I never even made it to his house when he called I was down the street from my place well he thinks I was out all night doing who knows what and he broke up w me I don't know what to do I'm so in love w him we've been together 2 years now and I don't want to lose him I'm like WTF 5 min after I leave he shows up I know what I did ( stalking is wrong like I should've trusted him but I love him what can I do or say to get him back ?


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  • A female once took a group picture where she was standing next to my boyfriend. She cut out everyone else, made a fake MySpace page with the altered picture on it, and then friended me to make me think she was dating him at the same time as me. Of course I freaked out when I first saw it, but after really thinking about it and talking to him, I realized what was going on.

    Anyway, the point of that story is that if you really trust your partner and the relationship, then outside influences do not sway you so easily. And the fact that he essentially created these ideas out of nothing shows me that he didn't really trust you. And obviously you say you don't trust him, so I wonder how you made it together for two years. I know it's not what you want to hear, but from the little I've read here, it sounds like maybe you two aren't right together.

    • Blimey that's some effort to go to, she must have been pretty stupid. Did you kick her ass? Seriously I don't understand why people do things like that, in movies it seems just like a idea to put into a film, but for people to actually have that kinda ideas and go about doing them, simply weird, I will never understand some people.

    • She was ridiculous. She also called / texted me once or twice after that saying the same thing. My boyfriend was staying with a friend of his, and this female lived there too because she was the friend's girlfriend. Those two were a huge mess, and of course they brought a kid into it. I think she saw how loving and respectful we were of each other, despite problems, and hated it.

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  • Basically I'll just repeat what has been said, if there is no trust, there isn't really a relationship. Like the girl with the story about the photo, it seems people will go to lengths to try and mussel in and what not, simple fact is if you trust the person your with, then it'll all work out.

    Plus which your ex has no proof which means he's making a mountain out of a mole hill, which may be he has done...on purpose...i hate to be harsh but some people are like that.