The best way to flirt! Anyone have good tips?

How do you flirt? What's the best way? tips? how do you flirt without looking like a bubbling idiot or as if you are just playing a dumb game? (lol). HELP Please!.


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  • Well , declare him your best friend. Or you ask him for a piggy back ride. you'll totally be flirting by ddoing that. and also scream his name and wavelike really fast and smilee(: when you flirt and text use a lot of (;'s and (:"s and <3's. when your around him smile and just giggle a lot.

    • I use tons of smiley faces when I text him and I do smile and laugh a lot around him and I have declared him my friend...but I have yet to scream his name or ask for a piggy bank ride...ha ha...I don't know about the piggybank ride. but anyway...I flirt with him...but I do not think he gets the hint or at least he doesn't show he does..blehh..I feel like just going right out and telling him how I feel...but I do not want to mess up our friendship if he is not interested. :/

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  • dont really have any tips other than be yourself, I read your comment tho and just wanted to let you know your not alone, I'm also 19 and I've never had a boyfriend but keep up hope there's someone out there, u'll find him some day, it just might not be today, in the mean time have fun with life and try not to dwell on it too much

    • Thanks. :) Yeah..most days I am alright with it. But on other makes me feel like sh*t. :/...good luck to you in finding a guy too. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Out of curiosity why don't you have a boyfriend? For me: guys just don't talk to me much...I mean once in awhile they'll talk in a friendly way..but never as if they seem interested...and I get really nervous around them sometimes and don't know how to say anything to get a guy to go out with me. it's complicated. :/

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    • id say just keep talking to him, best thing is to be yourself and the more you talk the more u'll get to know each other and he may even like you too, don't give up hope and shoot me a message anytime you start to feel down, I'll be here for you and we'll find some guys

    • Aww..that was sweet. thanks. :) Will do. ^_^

  • What works for me is whenever you see the guy, playfully touch his hair, push him lightly, tell him that your stronger and he's gonna definitely push you back (: what my crush did was push me into lockers and never let me go for minutes haha! And also online, you should definitely ask him to play a game of truth or dare, it's a GREAT way! Ask him questions, get personal, he's gonna like it 100% , be all flirty, by that I mean you could ask him something like "What do you look for in a girl, when he answers he might ask you the same question, and you can describe how he is :), tell him he the way you like him, I mean, I like my guy in plaid shirts! So maybe whenever he's wearing something you like you can tell him he really looked cute in it, basically, just be yourself :) get a bit dirty, get cute, he will LOVE it! Even though this is from a 14 your old, hopefully it helps you :) because it works for me! Goodluck and lemme know if it works!

    • Thanks. :)

    •'re lucky...I'm boyfriend kind of sux (alot..especially when everyone always assumes that everyone has had boyfriends in high school...*sigh*)...but when I find the guy...I'll use some of your tips. :) thanks.

    • Haha aw it's okay (:

      You should inbox me (: !

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