I think I like my best friend, should I go for it?

So I've been friends with him for like 3 years, and we're really close. People constantly ask me if we're going out. I've thought of him like a brother until now, but for some reason I'm not so sure anymore. I tell him literally everything, and he's one of the nicest guys I've ever met. But, I don't want to ruin our friendship if anything happens. What do you think? What's your experience with dating friends.

Note: He didn't say he liked me or anything, I was just wondering.


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  • this has happend to me, and honestly all I can say is that you need to possibly try it with him, because he could be the one? and if you are that close to him then things won't be awkward afterwards if it doesn't work out. :]

    • That's a good point. Thanks.

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  • I would do what pnut3xoxo sugest. I have a girl that is one of my close friends and we are very compatable and every week somebody sugest that we start going out or asks me if we are. Me and her joke about what other people think. I could see myself dating her but that is entirely up to her. She is 17 and I am 20 and we both have the same birthday. But she needs to grow up and stop causing so much drama in her life. Sorry I got a bit off track there. The bottom line is that if you don't at least bring it up or talk about it you will be kicking yourself later. And if he is as nice of a guy as you say he is it won't affect the way he treats you. Plus it will be a huge relief for you after you at least talk to him about it.

    • I wouldn't say "grow up!" to the girl you could consider dating, because then you won't get her in the end! remember that.

    • You do have a point there I never intended to say that to her.

    • You said bring it up or talk about it.... how would you go about doing that??? I have almost the exact same problem that's why I'm askin

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  • Sounds like high school for me, lol. I'm not kidding, it was about once a week people would ask if we were dating. I would get a little angry, honestly.

    Not saying that what happened to me will happen to you, but HE actually asked this of me at first, and I told him no. Then he asked me again, and I said yes. So we dated for 6 months, broke it off when I went to college. I came home, and we started dating again. Broke it off one more time, and now he swears not to ever date me again, lol. I can't speak for your relationship, but the one I've got with my best guy is a pretty damn good one. Dating only taught us more about each other, and now even when we're not dating, I feel like we're closer than ever before. Did I hurt him at times? Yes. Do I regret doing it? No. Does he regret it? No.


    If you've got anymore questions on this, I'll be more than happy to answer. I've been going in circles with my guy for a little more than 6 years now, so while I may not be a complete expert on dating friends, I'm pretty close.

  • Heres my story: So me and this guy chris were best friends. did everything together. I even like slept over at his house and stuff and nothing ever happened it wasnt weird or anything. just my best friend. We started hanging out with my friend Ana a lot and then it became always the three of us. I went to mexico for a week and when I came back they were dating ! I tried to play it off like I was cool with it but it totaly killed me because everyone always thought me and chris were dating and I thought one day it might actualy happen. Well they dated for like 8 months, and now they absolutely hate each other, but I'm still best friends with both of them seperately. All I can say is that I am so glad it was Ana he dated and not me because now I still have my best friend.There's plenty of other great guys out there to date... unless he's someone you can risk not being friends with anymore, then I would say its not worth it to try to date him, because how often do things actualy work out between ex's when its not weird or akward. In my experiences, not too much. Just be careful!

  • Omg, I have the same problem! Its a little nerveracking, huh? Because you don't wanna ruin the friendship. Honestly, I think you should almost just bring the subject up in conversation. Like, when you guys are talking about relationships and stuff, just be like "Do you see us ever dating?" and go from there. I know its hard, and in a way there is really not much of a "right" answer to this question, because every boy/girl best friend relationship is different. I guess I gotta learn to practice what I preach, because I still haven't really worked up the courage to ask my bestie out. Good luck!

    • Yeah it is annoying! And I don't know how I feel about him anymore =P

  • you should go for it!

    before its toooo late. trust me!