After 18 months boyfriend tells me he has a 8 year old son?

OK, I am still in shock, not been getting on with my boyfriend for a few days and everything came to a head last night after we had a row, he had told me he was getting child support agency contacting him because he had a ex girlfriend who he broke up with 9 years ago and she had 4 kids and got him to claim or something, anyway, last night it came out and he dropped the bombshell on me that he had a son who is about 8 years old now who he had with his ex girlfriend, I'm still in total shock now that he didn't tell me this from the beginning but he said she was violent, abusive both mentally and physically and ruined his life so he got away and has managed to stay away from her for 9 years but now he has the child support agency writing to him as obviously he needs to pay child support, that's not the issue, I'm just totally dumbfounded that he never told me and he said the reason being is because he has nothing to do with her or the kid and never wants to have anything to do with them because she was so violent and abusive in the relationship,

He has a teenage daughter from his first marriage which ended about 10 or 11 years ago and I knew of this and was fine, met his daughter etc all was fine, but I'm really upset that I've just found out he had a son and has waited 18 months to tell me, he is angry that I'm upset and said it was personal and had nothing to do with me and it didn't matter that he kept it secret as he never wanted it brought up or mentioned as it wasn't relevant in his life, I can understand wanting to stay away from an abusive past relationship but I just can't get over the shock of this bombshell, now he's obviously going to have to start paying maintenance for this child, but I'm just so upset about it all, I had a termination just 7 days ago and was 5 weeks pregnant, he didn't want me to have the baby as we'd been arguing so much and it wasn't the right time, but I didn't want to really get rid of it and was devastated, now I just think he wanted me to get rid of it because obviously he already has 2 children by 2 different mothers already, he is 36, I'm 23, I don't know if he's right when he says I'm being selfish being upset? But I just feel that he should of told me right from the start, regardless, I feel I had a right to know if he had one child or two! , I just don't know if I can ever fully trust him after this? Is it right he kept it a secret for the reasons he gave? Do I as his girlfriend have any right to know about his past? I thought I knew him and everything about him, but I just can't stop thinking about it :(
After 18 months boyfriend tells me he has a 8 year old son?
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