Do platonic friends say "I Love You" to each other and speak everyday?

is this normal behavior? how often should platonic friends speak with each other (especially if the guy has a girlfriend)? What are some suspicious behaviors?/ Do platonic friendships work out? or does one person get attached to the other? When my boyfriend says "I love u" to girls that are just friends and nothing more, does he mean he's attracted to her or is it just in a friendly way to make her fee good?


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  • You're boyfriend doesn't know what love means.

    Love has one level, not multiple. So, you know he loves his mom. So these women are just as important to his life as his mother?

    I love a few of my friends. No, not puppy love, but I would give up anything for them, they mean a lot to me. And yes, I do speak to them frequently.

    However, it's not something that gets said all the time. Like for instance, my friend had cancer and had to have surgery remove his humerus bone. I told him I loved him before his surgery. Because I would have given up anything to make sure he made it.


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  • I tell my best friend that I love her and she and I speak every day. But I think it's slightly different between guys and girls. Phrases like that are easily misunderstood.

    It seems a little weird that your boyfriend would say it to other girls, and often, too (from the sounds of it).

    • so I'm just being overy -jealous?

    • No, I don't think you are. I'd wonder why my boyfriend was telling other girls that he loved them, too. Have you ever asked him?

    • yes I asked him and he said they are just platonic...i've even met some friends as welll